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Glass is our daily companion; it is so ubiquitous that we seem not to notice its presence. Nonetheless, without it our every day functioning would not be possible. Windows, windshields, TV screens, glasses, glassware and daily use objects - we enjoy the presence of all those items thanks to this extraordinary material. We offer you a whole range of various glass types with virtually unlimited application possibilities:

Clear Float Glass

It is glass universally used in windows and furniture, available in thicknesses ranging from 2 mm to 19 mm, flat, top quality, transparent, with flat-parallel surfaces, natural surface shine, clear, distortion-free; It is used for glazing unit production, glazing doors and windows, entrance walls and portals, building shielding walls, internal partition walls etc.; wherever high requirements concerning light transmittance and glazed surface attractiveness have to be satisfied. It can be bent, toughened, enamelled and laminated.


This glass reduces the intensity of solar rays; it is available in the following colours: brown and graphite, green.


It is multi-layer glass with O2 CERTIFICATE; it is constructed by laminating two or more sheets of float glass together with a thin interlayer of protective film. In case of an impact and breaking the glass, the film will hold any chips in place. It is used wherever an increased risk of smashing the pane and injury occurs; glazing of doors and windows, external building surfaces, internal walls, partition walls fulfilling safety criteria.

Anti-Burglary Glass This is P2 or P4 certified glass with a double or quadruple interlayer of film between panes ensuring safety in case of shattering and a reliable burglary protection.


It is 4 mm thick decorative glass used primarily in doors and furniture. It is available in the following colours: brown, colourless and honey-coloured. It is patterned glass with one surface containing an embossed pattern in form of ornaments and the other one being irregularly smooth. We offer ornaments of Polish and foreign glassworks. It is used for partitioning rooms in a decorative manner with limited transparency, glazing stained-glass windows, windows and doors where a need for transparency reduction and optimum light transmittance arises; it can be bent and used as insulated glazing.


It is flat glass reinforced with wire netting which prevents the pane from shattering into pieces. The wire netting is inserted into glass mass during its rolling and forming; colours: colourless, honey-coloured, brown. Thickness – 7 mm. It is used for glazing doors and windows in production halls, roof windows, skylights, basements, house entrance doors, balcony balustrades, elevator shafts and as a façade protection. The net wiring protects the glass from being broken and enhances its resistance in case of fire.


This type of glass creates an effect of mirror reflection, which is best visible when the light difference between the rooms reaches 60%. It is available in brown, clear, blue and green; 4 mm or 6 mm thick. It is monolithic glass with a layer of metal elements deposited by means of a pyrolytic method; it offers unusual attractive appearance of both windowpanes and windowsills; it has extraordinary light reflection properties and sunrays reflection offered by this type of glass is very effective. Application: whole-glass facades, partition walls, doors, balustrades etc.


It is third-quality rolled glass produced in Poland for greenhouses with standard dimensions 60*160

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